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I want to open a sales agent for a company, who can I contact and how?

Customers contact us to open agents according to the following information :

+ The South - Central - Tay Nguyen: Anh Phong - The sale - Phone: 0908 183 142.

+ In the North - Ha Noi: Ms. Ha - Sales Department - Telephone: 0906 260 825.

1. I bought a mattana shirt, after washing i found the fabric is defective, i want to return the product is not?

Where the product is wrinkled, not good quality fabrics or technical errors, customers bring products to the mattana shop to be guided to solve.

If the settlement is delayed, please contact BP.CSKH - Tel: 01235 779 779.

2. I bought two T-shirts for my son, but when I did not find the right fit so now I want to return the product is not?

In case your product can not be returned, you can change to another product of the same or higher value.

You can contact BP.CSKH - Tel: 01235 779 779 for instructions to solve.

1. Can I change my product when I am not using it?

You have to change products when not in use, please bring your invoice when you go to mattana shop to change products.

2. Will I get a refund when the product deviates from the purchased product?

You are not entitled to a refund if the product you are purchasing is lower than the purchased product. And you will pay more if the product needs to be priced higher.

3. I buy products in Ho Chi Minh City, I go to work in Hanoi, I keep the bill so can I change products in Hanoi?

Customers can change products at any mattana store system.

4. I was offered a mattana but I did not fit, can I change the size?

Please bring the bill when the product change. (If the gift products, the bill will not show the value of money.

5. Do I need to change a product, but no labels, product tags, can I change it?

If the product is out of stock, the card will not be exchanged at the mattana store.