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How it all begins?

meticulous in the product

 meticulous in the product

In mid-January 2009, the Vietnamese fashion village appeared a new brand with a system of luxury shops and elegant lines. mattana is a brand of NBC - the leading garment corporation in Vietnam with a history of more than 45 years of establishment and development.

The mattana brand inspires creativity from European style, but still suits Vietnamese style. We promise to bring satisfaction to you customers by delicate design.

Brand mattana proud to bring youthful beauty, healthy elegance for men. Mattana's clothing concept is inspired from European fashion and is motified specifically for Vietnamese people. We promise to bring satisfaction to customers by luxurious and delicated designs.

Mattana proudly presents to you the youthful yet elegant clothing-line for men.

Our mission:

Build a chain of products and services, contributing to improving the quality of life.

We strive to be worthy of Vietnam's leading brand in the field of apparel, always creative, strive to create high quality products and services at competitive prices.

 Mattana is meticulously selected

Mattana is meticulously selected

Along with the style and color, fabric material is one of the three factors that help many customers make the decision to buy a product or not? Therefore, we always choose and apply the best materials, feel comfortable in most weather conditions.

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Polished but elegant colors which go along with many types of occasion is what Mattana greatly focus on. We want to give you the most delicate and refined look of a true gentleman.

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Quality is our measure of value


Efforts, passion and 45 years of experience do not hesitate to challenge difficult. We always try to build trust in your products for the mattana brand.